Teen Traffic Safety Projects

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of preventable death and serious injury for teens aged 14-19. In response, we’ve designed traffic safety project “recipe cards” that can help you implement a traffic safety awareness campaign at your high school, community, or youth club. We’ve divided these activities into Easy, Medium, Hard, and Legendary categories. Any initiative you take to increase awareness on the benefits of safe driving is a great effort! Be sure to complete the project reporting questions for each project once you’ve completed a safety campaign.

Easy Level Projects

Door Decorating

The sky’s the limit on this fun and creative way to engage your peers on traffic safety. Your main goal for this project will be promoting a door-decorating contest that gets students at your school to decorate doors of as many classrooms as possible to educate students on a traffic safety subject.

Flyer Like It’s 1999

Back in the day, when you wanted to get a message out about something – you made a flyer! While social media is cool, sometimes you have to “throw it back” old school. Our goal is simple: get our message “in the hands” of others. We’re going to attempt to fill hands with knowledge, rather than distractions!

Chalk the Walk/Tape the Space

This project focuses on using real people at your school to participate in a traffic safety awareness campaign that raises awareness on the consequences of unsafe driving behavior and to recognize the role we all have as a driver or as a passenger.

Grasping at Straws to Save Lives

This activity involves handing out straws to your fellow students or community members in an effort to raise awareness on the importance of safe driving. The goal of this activity is to start an “awareness chain reaction” – each straw will ask the recipient to “pass it on” to someone they love.

Quit Forking Around – Put It Down

Forking a lawn can be quite an amusing activity. What’s better than merely forking a lawn, you ask? Forking a lawn in an effort to raise awareness and save lives! This project uses forks and a highly trafficked area at your school or community center to raise awareness on distracted driving.

U R The Key To A Safe Ride – Contract Activity

The Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition encourages safe driving behavior at all times! We also know that parents are the number one influencer for safe driving behavior. This campaign will ask students and their parents to sign a safe driving contract, promising to always drive safely.

Medium Level Projects


AAA PROMise is designed to cater to the unique needs of parents, high school officials, and law enforcement concerned with the safety of young drivers during their junior and senior years of high school.

State Farm #Drive2N2 Social Media Firestorm

State Farm supports a culture of teen safe driving. The #Drive2n2 campaign focuses on educating drivers on the importance of keeping two hands on the wheel, two eyes on the road. In order for this campaign to gain momentum, you must promote it both your school and over social media!

Battle of the Belts Competition

Battle of the Belts a fast-moving competition where teams of 4 see who can buckle-up the fastest. To start, the team runs from a starting line, to a 4-door car. The Starting line is 15 feet from the back of the car’s rear bumper. Team members get in, buckle up, and throw their hands in the air until a Referee shouts “ROTATE!” Then they unbuckle, get out, rotate clockwise around the car to the next seat and buckle-up again. They rotate twice more until they have been buckled in all four seats. The team with the fastest time after four “buckle-ups” is the winner!

Hard Level Projects

Zero Crazy! Distracted Driving & Seatbelt Survey Activity

Zero Crazy! is an activity by Teens in the Driver Seat that includes a traffic safety pre-observation, 3 weeks of traffic safety activities/messaging, and a traffic safety post-observation.

Mock Crash

A “Mock Crash” activity is a reenactment of a fatal crash involving students from your school, and real professionals who face these situations daily (police, firefighters, paramedics, coroners, etc.).

On the Road for Safety Program

The On the Road for Safety Kit is a portable and sustainable pedestrian and bicycle safety education tool developed for high school students to teach elementary and middle school-aged children safety rules and behaviors they should follow as pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers. The Kit is divided into two sections: one for elementary students and one for middle school students.

Legendary Level Projects

Drive for Life

The Drive for Life (D4L) program started in 2010 in response to the loss of 7 student deaths in one school year at North Marion High School.  The Drive for Life program involves doing a series of structured monthly campaigns that culminate into a weeklong event at the end of the school year

Request a Speaker

Host Kevin Brooks – Just Wiggle Your Toes

What started as a typical booze fueled Saturday night quickly turned tragic with a poor choice. Kevin Brooks and his childhood friend Brandon left a party, intoxicated and driving in excessive speeds. The result – a horrific crash that Kevin did not walk away from and Brendon did not survive.

Jacy Good & Steve Johnson – Hang Up and Drive

May 18, 2008 was meant to be one of the best days of Jacy Good’s life. Her college graduation day had gone smoothly, her family packed up her life into their station wagon, she said a temporary goodbye to her long-term boyfriend, Steve Johnson, and began the 90-minute drive home. Everything changed because of one distracted driver…

Drive with Care Program

The Drive with CARE presentation is usually conducted in a classroom setting for 45-50 minutes. It is an interactive discussion about Graduated Driver Licensing Laws, traffic safety laws and violation penalties, courteous driving vs aggressive driving, distracted driving, impaired driving and seat belt use. Depending on availability, the presentation can be expanded and include impaired goggles and the driving simulator.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Power of Youth Presentation (for teens)

    • Power of You(th) was designed to empower teens to take a stand and influence their peers against underage drinking or riding in a car with someone who has been drinking.

Victim Speaker Presentation (for all audiences)

    • Passionate and concerned community members share their personal stories about how alcohol and/or drug impairment has affected their lives. Many have had a personal loss, or injury.

Power of Parent Presentation (for parent audiences)

    • Power of Parents is one of three programs in MADD’s underage drinking prevention initiative. This presentation is designed to encourage parents and caregivers of teens to have life-saving conversations with their teens about alcohol.