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An engaging, multi-media program for parents and teens to follow during the supervised driving process.

Parents Supervised Driving Guide

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program provides parents of teen drivers with a measured and methodical curriculum developed to maximize the value of the supervised driving component of state GDL laws.

Parental involvement in teen driver education has a measurable, positive impact on driving safety. A 2012 study published by CHOP and State Farm, Driving Through the Eyes of Teens noted that when parents are actively engaged in the supervised driving process teens are 50 percent less likely to crash, 71 percent less likely to drive intoxicated, 30 percent less likely to drive distracted and twice as likely to wear seat-belts.

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program is used by licensing departments across the country who recognize the benefit of providing parents with a guide to assist them through the supervised driving requirement with their permitted teen.

This program was created to address a need to improve roadway safety and teen driving behaviors and to provide states, parents and teens with a free resource to enhance the supervised driving process.

Parents and teens can pick up printed guides at licensing centers in each of these states or use the online versions of their state’s guidebook by selecting a state below. Although the fundamentals are similar everywhere, many state driving agencies have created custom content based on their specific laws and recommendations.

The Solution That Meets a Need

The Environment

There is no debate that new teen drivers are at risk as soon as they get behind the wheel and that risk increases with those teens that receive less behind-the wheel experience. Teen driver crash rates are at epidemic levels in the United States.

Supporting Law

Forty-six (46) states and Washington, D.C. have instituted a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law with a requirement for parents to supervise their teens during the pre-licensing phase when driver behavior is first formed. View more about Florida’s GDL Laws.

Pre-Existing Conditions and Suboptimal Results

Very few parents have a clear understanding of teen driving laws and best practices to help their teens become safe, smart drivers. This is due, in part, to the general lack of readily available resources for parents of teen drivers. 

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The RoadReady iOS app provides parents and teens with an automated way to log their states required supervised driving time. In addition to tracking progress and driving conditions, the app allows users to export a completed log to provide to their local driving agency.

Teaching your teen to drive presents enough challenges. With RoadReady, your focus can remain where it needs to be: on your teen and on the road. “Start a New Drive” and RoadReady will log the rest. Download your log to verify you’ve completed your Florida state requirement.

Parents or guardians are responsible for making certain that their teen has completed no less than 50 hours, (10 of which must be a night) of supervised driving.

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