FREE Teen Traffic Safety Speakers

FREE Teen Traffic Safety Speakers

The Florida Department of Transportation’s Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition’s Grant covers the cost to bring a nationally known teen traffic safety speaker to 60 high schools across Florida. Teen traffic safety speakers are a tremendously impactful way to leave a lasting positive safety message for teen drivers. We require a minimum audience attendance size of (at least) 400 people, safely gathered in an auditorium/gym setting.  Prior to booking, please check with your high school principal or administration to get permission to host the teen traffic safety speaker. Presentations are booked on a first come, first serve basis.

Meet Our Teen Traffic Safety Speakers

teen traffic safety speakers

Hang Up & Drive – Jacy Good & Steve Johnson

May 18, 2008 was meant to be one of the best days of Jacy Good’s life. Her college graduation day had gone smoothly, her family packed up her life into their station wagon, she said a temporary goodbye to her long-term boyfriend, Steve Johnson, and began the 90-minute drive home. Everything changed because of one distracted driver…

teen traffic safety speakers

Just Wiggle Your Toes – Kevin Brooks

What started as a typical booze fueled Saturday night quickly turned tragic with a poor choice. Kevin Brooks and his childhood friend Brandon left a party, intoxicated and driving in excessive speeds. The result – a horrific crash that Kevin did not walk away from and Brendon did not survive.

Street Racing Kills – Lili Trujillo Puckett

This presentations aims to educate on the dangers of reckless driving, minimizing the risk of future crashes and fatalities on our streets. This program includes discussion on various hazardous behaviors such as street racing, speeding, weaving through traffic, tailgating, burnouts, disregarding stop signs and signals, impaired driving, takeovers, doughnuts, and all other forms of reckless driving activities.

You Only Get Out What You Put In – Bill Cordes

Join us for an engaging session on teen traffic safety, where we’ll delve into essential insights that go beyond driving skills. Our speaker brings an eye-opening perspective on the impact of mindset and personal responsibility in our approach to the road.

Presentation Tour Areas & Dates

Hang Up & Drive – Jacy Good & Steve Johnson:

Just Wiggle Your Toes – Kevin Brooks:

Street Racing Kills – Lili Trujillo Puckett:

You Only Get Out What You Put In – Bill Cordes:

Please note: We’ve identified the 2023-24 focus target areas based on the FDOT Highway Safety Matrix – Ranking of Florida Counties and crash data provided from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Special consideration was given to area locations that fell within the top 5 for teen traffic crashes/fatalities.

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