FREE AAA PROMise Kit Now Available

FREE AAA PROMise Kit Now Available

The AAA PROMise program aims to help keep teens safe as drivers and passengers during prom and graduation season, when many teen-related crashes occur. The program helps to raise awareness about the dangers of driving impaired – from alcohol, marijuana or any other drug – as well as distracted driving.


FREE AAA PROMise kits are available to high schools in Florida!

Please visit to learn more about the program and request your toolkit containing the following items* for use with students:

  • Fact Sheet/Resources – Overview of the AAA PROMise program and useful information for making it a success
  • Pledge Banner (one/kit) – Used to gather each student’s commitment to making the AAA PROMise.
  • Drawstring Bags (pack of 20) – Perfect for event planners to use throughout the prom season
  • Water Bottles (pack of 20) – Can be used by event planners or as a reward for student participation
  • Highlighter (pack of 50) – Serves as a student reminder of their promise to make safe decisions.
  • Additional Giveaway (pack of 50, contents vary) – Great as a AAA PROMise keepsake from prom/graduation

Limit is 1 FREE kit per school.

*Items may vary depending on availability.

Visit our resources page to view and request other free teen traffic safety educational materials.