Robin Sims


Robin Sims

FLVS Driver Ed Instructor - Teen Driving Club Co-Sponsor
Florida Virtual Schools

My job responsibilities: I am an instructor at Florida Virtual Schools. I work with about 1000 students a year. I also work with the school Teen Driving Club.

Why I joined the Coalition: I brought students to a Teen Safe Driving Coalition Leadership Conference 5 years ago and I was hooked!

Professional accomplishments: 2016 Teacher of the Year for Drivers Ed/FLVS; MA in Education. 30 years of service as a teacher!

Hobbies or areas of interest outside of work: I enjoy hand lettering, refinishing furniture, decorating. I love all things HOME.

What was your favorite song when you were a teenager? Anything Whitney Houston, the Bangles or Paula Abdul

What make and model was your first car? Ford LTD

What has changed most about driving from the time you were a teenager to now? The use of technology. This includes hand held and technology factory built into the car.

The one tip I would give any new teen driver would be: Whether you have been driving a month or 30 years, use all your best defensive driving techniques every time you get behind the wheel of a car.