Mark Allen


Mark Allen

Executive Officer
All Florida Safety Institute

My job responsibilities: I am the Organizational Director of 20 office locations that specialize in private driver education instruction.

Why I joined on the Coalition: To further my mission to reduce teen deaths from auto crashes.

Professional Accomplishments: Named 2019's 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Florida.

Hobbies or areas of interest outside of work: Auto racing and archery

What was your favorite song when you were a teenager? Shakin' by Eddie Money

What make and model was your first car? 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

What has changed most about driving from the time you were a teenager to now? More congestion, faster paced road scenarios, hostility of drivers, and greater distractions.

The one tip I would give any new teen driver would be: To look ahead and allow your senses to identify possible scenarios that may happen, in order to avoid a collision.

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