Chris Keelin


Chris Keelin

Driver Education Coordinator Program Director
St. Johns County Tax Collector

My job responsibilities: I oversee Driver Education Programs in St. Johns County

Why I joined the Coalition: I joined the coalition because I wanted to work with other experts throughout Florida to come up with best practices for teen drivers.

Professional accomplishments: 2014 Safer Florida award presented by DHSMV for outstanding safety practices.

Hobbies or areas of interest outside of work: Cruising, golfing and boating

What was your favorite song when you were a teenager? When I was 16, it was Outkast – Elevators!

What make and model was your first car? 1990 Ford Taurus

What has changed most about driving from the time you were a teenager to now? The amount of distractions a driver is facing. Cell phone usage, bigger and faster vehicles, more traffic, etc.

The one tip I would give any new teen driver would be: If you don’t know, don’t go!