Chief Art Bodenheimer

Chief of Police – Lake Alfred Police Department

My job responsibilities: I am the Chief of the Lake Alfred Police Department and Chairperson of the Florida Police Chief's Association Highway Safety Committee.

Why I joined the Coalition: I have been a long-time traffic safety advocate in many areas. I know if we can persuade our youth to start off right with traffic issues it will carry over to their adulthood. I have also seen many tragedies involving youth and have a firsthand experience of what devastation the loss is to families and friends.

Professional accomplishments: Over 33 years in law enforcement, Florida Officer of the Year, MADD National and State Awards, most rewarding is working with colleagues to prevent injuries and death in our communities

Hobbies or areas of interest outside of work: High School Softball Coach, Fishing and Camping

What make and model was your first car? 1977 F350 4x4 pickup

What has changed most about driving from the time you were a teenager to now? The amount of traffic on our roadways and the lack of education given before beginning to drive on our roadways.

The one tip I would give any new teen driver would be: The first trip may be your last, pay attention to the road and don't let other distractions come before you or someone else's safety.

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